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Study in UAE with Scholarship

 hello  dear visiters in this artical I would like to share with you a couple advices about how to studying in Middel east especially UAE,
as you know every country have  a program to attractive  international students from around of world
and UAE  is one of those countries .
that supports international studying and they give Scholarships for every student who  would study there.
 here is some scholarships to study in UAE
Insead UAE campus MBA scholarship its offered  by INSEAD to study in one of schools there including abu dhabi
also khalifa university
they offered Masters scholarships for international studying
in addition to that Masdar Institute IRENA scholarship
its for master degree its like graduate scholarships to study in UAE
 dont forget UAE University Graduate assistanship its for Masters and pHd scholarship its for international studying at united arab Emirates

before studying you need more information before you  coming to UAE

1. You can learn a terrific deal about Islamic faith and feature a greater appreciation for it
I knew really nothing approximately Muslims before coming to the U.A.E., however now I recognize why ladies pick out to cover up and the history of conventional Arabic garb. If you didn’t know that Muslims pray five instances an afternoon, as soon as you come to the U.A.E. You may. Whether you’re in faculty, buying, eating or taking walks on the seashore, you will hear the decision to prayer. I have been to the Dubai Mall or even there, you can pay attention it, which turned into unexpected to me at the start.

2. If you can continue to exist the acute warmness, you could live to tell the tale anything
In summer season months, it may get up to a every day average of 110-120 tiers Fahrenheit (43 tiers Celsius). In my fatherland, it has never been close to attaining that excessive. Dress code in Sharjah did not permit me to wear what I considered summer appropriate garb, so I had to regulate. Luckily, most places right here have air conditioning and it’s always advocated to stay interior as a great deal as feasible. During the fall semester, temperatures are perfect and you will be able to revel in long walks on Jumeirah Beach.

3. You will come upon greater than just Emirati lifestyle
Don’t be fooled by the stereotypical picture of the Middle East. Arabic way of life is deeply rooted right here, but with the U.A.E. Being an expat state, there's so much cultural range. Egyptian, Saudi Arabian and Indian are just some of the nationalities I actually have encountered right here. Look at it this way, why revel in simply one way of life when the U.A.E. Gives you a whole lot more?

Four. Your negotiation talents might be examined and progressed
It is usual in Arabic existence to good buy. Here, souks (local markets) are the correct place to come to be a seasoned at negotiating. Want a cashmere headband or a stunning black abaya embroidered with gold patterns? Bargain - no exceptions. You will quickly study that you must never pay complete price for anything here due to the fact ninety nine percent of the time you could are becoming it inexpensive. For those of you that aren’t familiar with bargaining, like me, it’s truely pretty amusing!

Five. You will want to discover places other than Dubai
While it can appear that Dubai is the simplest cool place to visit here, there’s clearly a lot greater to see. Sharjah Creek is just one of the beautiful locations that isn’t marketed as a whole lot as Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. The Sheikh Zayed Grande Mosque and souks in Abu Dhabi are other famous locations to go to on a weekend. Also, in case you need to venture out of the U.A.E., there are many nations nearby like India, Oman and Egypt that you could go to.

Do yourself a favor and come see this lovely and numerous usa. There’s continually something to analyze from locals and expats!

the best schools and universities in UAE

now  I would like to share with you top 7 universities that you can choise to start you study in Middel east
1:Canadian university Dubai
2:Heriot watt university Dubai campus
3:Murdoch university Dubai
4:al Dar university College
5: Hult international business school
6:Modul university dubai
7:SP jail school of global management

scholarships in UAE

as I said  UAE supported  that program there are scholarships forn international students in addition to that you can work  when you not  studying as they said part time  working,
they need  young people there  there are  lot of jobs.
so as student you can have  a job that you want  that can cover  high life living there,
keep in your mind that living  in Middel east is not  cheaper, just living in dobai is live  or more then living in NYC.
what Im trying to say is  you need   enough mony before you go there,
 there are also private courses for you if you can pay for it.

what language  that I have to know

as you know   we talking about Middel East so arabic at the most places,
 but dont worry about that almost all of them are good  English speakers thanks to good quality of education,

so me dear English is  the second language there you need to know it  for  undestand because  most of  teachers are from UK and USA.
 but  some of arabic  will not  kill you, some words is good  for you if you learn  specialy we arabian like  foriegn  when they speak our local language.
 last but not not hope that You get all advices that I offered  above, hope you get the point


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