Monday, 31 December 2018

study in Canada

How to study in Canada

In this artical I will talk about study in canada, and  answering about question that says  what  lot of   international students to continue they study there in canada university and colleges.
in this  couple paragraphes I will talk about 10 Things to know before you  Studying i Canada
 first one you need to know that canada is a North America country
they have  two local languages
frensh and English,
so living in canada and  study on it for student os totaly free because  the government pay everything for  study, like we call brain drain , they  offer free visa  for travelling and  living  there  in Canada 

visa requirements

 you need to know that to apply for international study can be sllow process.
so they take more then 7 weeks
so visa that you need to apply is called  student visa, or study permit you need also to pay some  pre fees and  more evidence that make you able to live and  study there

 the best of canada and Universities

 you need to know that canada is the most educated country in the  world   canada ranks the first wolrdwide  in the number of  adults had   education with 51%
and all of them have at least an undergraduate college or university degree
 and  Canada government spent 5,3% GDP on just education.
so country invests in education more then 20 000 usa in 2014
list of top  colleges in canada
centennial College
Humber College
George brown College
Seneca College
Red River College

study and  work in Canada

 like  a many countries in the world you can study and  work at the same time in canada,
that mean that you not wasting your time
so they offer opportunities to work while  studing for  a year after you graduate, that all to keep you on canada  they give yi education then they offer you a work to stay there  

  High standard of living

 you need to know that Canada is  one of  countries that that offer highest standard of living,  examples like  all urban areas is  good like  shopping centers and restaurants, theaters,art centers, museums   also canadian cities have  many open places  like parks and gardens beaches and  more.
 in fact what is the best thing in  canada is  low cost of living
 they industrial countries is one of lowest


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